Saturday, July 28, 2007

To Impeach or not to impeach, that is the burning question

Slowly, inexorably, and like a gathering storm, the calls for the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are growing. The President and the Vice President are unquestionably an embattled pair as their reputation, credibility and job approval rating have sunk to an all time low. Even the President's Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez, whose duty it is to advise the President on legal matters in times of crisis such as now, appears to be sinking under the weight of his own problems as Senate hearings after Senate hearings reveal the depth of the incompetence, abuse of power and brazen untruths to cover up evidence of malfeasance by the Attorney General.
The calls for impeachment have the added unique quality of being bipartisan and across party lines। While the loudest calls for impeaching the President and the Veep come from Democrats, liberals and the progressive left who have collectively been the main voice of opposition to the Administration's policies, there is a growing and vocal group of principled people within the GOP who are openly critical of the President and who have given subtle hints of their acquiescence to the idea of impeachment। There are also others in the GOP who, while not openly calling for impeachment, have openly expressed their tiredness with the President's prosecution of the war in Iraq and asked for a change in direction . Notable among these are senior Senators in the Senate: Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Richard Lugar of Indiana, Pete Domenici of New Mexico and John Warner of Virginia.
There remains, however, a hard core group of supporters of the President even in the face of overwhelming lack of confidence in his leadership and job approval rating. It is this core group that has caused those who vacillate about impeachment to call for caution in the push for impeachment. This writer, however, maintains that the time for impeachment is now because there is a rising groundswell of support for it. Cindy Sheehan who started the peace movement has come out of her self imposed retirement, fully energized and ready to continue the fight to hold the President and the Vice President accountable for their high crimes and misdemeanor. Close to a million and a half signatures have been collected by her group towards this effort. Her decision to run against Nancy Pelosi for taking impeachment off the table has been greeted with great enthusiasm by progressives in huge numbers. With Senator Kucinich leading the impeachment call in the Senate and Maxine Waters in the House, the momentum can only get bigger.
The added voices from bloggers, political pundits and authors who have written and made compelling cases for impeachment are all indications that impeachment is no longer a matter of "should we" but one of "when and how quickly". The following is a list of five publications, out of several now in print, that outline in very precise and cogent reasoning why impeachment is a very urgent and pressing option to hold the President and the Vice President accountable:
1. "U.S. Vs George W. Bush et al" by Elizabeth de la Vega
2. "Cowboy Republic: six ways the Bush gang has defied the Law" by Marjorie
3. "Articles of Impeachment against George W. Bush" by the Center for Constitutional Rights.
4. "The Impeachment of George W. Bush: a practical guide for concerned citizens
by Elizabetj Holtzman
5. "The Case for Impeachment" by David Lindorff and Barbara Olshansky.
The Democrats got a mandate from the electorate last fall to end the occupation of Iraq and to seek for accountability for all the lies and manipulation of intelligence by the President and Dick Cheney to wage this unnecessary war. The Democratic leadership has a chance to make history and reclaim the prestige, honor and integrity that the US has lost as a result of the actions of the President and the Vice President. Failure by the Democrats to do this will result in the loss of confidence by voters of this country in the two party system of government. They must fight for the restoration of the checks and balances built into our Constitution specifically to prevent the emergence of an imperial President which this President is trying to become. To them I say "seize the momnet" and make history. Cape diem.
Okuche 07/29/07

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